Snoring / Sleep apnea Treatment in Vestavia Hills, AL

Sleep Apnea is a sleep disorder that disrupts the breathing of the person. It leads to sleep deprivation, making the patient feel tired. At Fulton Dental, the dentists offer treatment to help resolve sleep apnea. 

Signs of Sleep Apnea

Types of Sleep Apnea

There are three major types of sleep apnea which have been mentioned below.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Also referred to as OSA, it is the most common type of sleep apnea that people experience. The patient's throat muscles collapse, causing the tissues to fall into the throat. This partially blocks the airway and makes the patient snore while they sleep. They also tend to wake up while sleeping to clear the airway.

Central Sleep Apnea

It is a type of sleep apnea that is caused due to neurological reasons. The brain tends to send wrong messages to the muscles that control the person's breathing. It disrupts the sleep cycle and makes them feel tired during the daytime. Central sleep apnea primarily affects people who have underlying diseases like  

Mixed Sleep Apnea

Also referred to as Complex sleep apnea, it is a combination of Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Central Sleep Apnea. The patient experiences the signs and symptoms of both types of sleep apnea.

Treatments for Sleep Apnea

The dentists offer various treatments that can help resolve Sleep Apnea

Nasal Decongestants

The patient is prescribed nasal Decongestants that help to provide relief during sleep. 

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP)

It is a treatment therapy where a facemask is attached to the patient's nose to deliver airflow while sleeping.


Patients who cannot be treated through other treatments are suggested surgery.

Lifestyle Changes

The patient is advised to practice lifestyle changes that can bring about a change to sleep apnea. Patients who are obese must consider reducing their weight. Tobacco consumption should also be avoided for better sleep. 

Fulton Dental, located at Vestavia Hills, AL, offers the best dental care services to patients with the help of efficient dentists. Dial 205-822-3838 and book an appointment with the dentistry to know more about sleep apnea and other diseases that can be treated at our facility. 

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