CEREC Same-day crowns in Vestavia Hills, AL

CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramic) or same-day crowns are dental caps that are placed over a damaged tooth or used to replace a missing tooth. CEREC same-day crowns help restore the structure of decayed, broken, or lost teeth, enhance your smile, and restore your oral functions. 

At Fulton Dental in Vestavia Hills, Alabama, Dr. Fulton uses CEREC technology and same-day crowns to provide patients the fastest and most reliable tooth restoration solution. 

Facts About CEREC Same-Day Crowns

What Does the CEREC Same-Day Crown Treatment Entail?

The procedure for placing CEREC same-day crowns at our dental practice in Vestavia Hills, Alabama, begins with a complete examination of the patient’s oral cavity. 3D images of the teeth are obtained using digital imaging systems that are then converted into a 3D graphic model with the help of CEREC 3D software. This data helps Dr. Fulton accurately plan the treatment. 

CEREC same-day crowns are fabricated in-house using a milling unit. The crowns are manufactured to seamlessly blend in with your natural teeth. 

Once your CEREC same-day crown is ready. Dr. Fulton will check if it fits properly and make any required adjustments before fixing the crown in place with dental adhesives.

Aftercare for CEREC Crowns

Dr. Fulton recommends patients carefully follow the provided aftercare instructions that can help extend the life of their CEREC same-day crowns. These instructions include avoiding the consumption of sticky and hard foods for 24 hours after the placement of the crowns and maintaining good oral hygiene to keep the mouth clean, as well as regular dental visits once every 6 months for a dental checkup. 

CEREC same-day crowns are an excellent choice for patients as they can save them time compared to traditional dental crowns. They are sturdy restorations placed through a minimally-invasive procedure. The patient can attain better results in just one dental visit and immediately have an aesthetically enhanced smile. 

At Fulton Dental in Vestavia Hills, Alabama, we offer affordable CEREC same-day crowns that are durable and reliable. Call (205) 822-3838 to book an appointment with Dr. Fulton and learn more about the benefits of CEREC same-day crowns. 

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