Dentist in Birmingham AL

Dentist in Birmingham, AL

It is a blessing to find a dentist who can help you fix your dental damage during dental emergencies. It is crucial to visit an efficient dentist who can perform an appropriate treatment to reverse the damages.

Patients searching for a Dentist in Birmingham, AL, can make way to Fulton Dental for all their dental requirements. Expert dentists offer various treatments that help treat the damages to their teeth. There are several emergencies that can happen at any point in time. It can leave the patient with different damages, a few of which have been listed below.

Cracked or Broken Tooth

Patients who undergo unforeseen accidents may have one or many cracked or broken teeth in their mouth. Dentists in Birmingham, AL, offer various treatments like dental crowns and dental bonding, which help repair and restore the tooth. A Crown is a dental cap that is placed over the cracked or broken tooth. It conceals the tooth and gives it a fuller look.

The damaged tooth can also be treated through dental bonding. Composite resin is applied to the tooth and reshaped to restore the tooth.

Tooth Loss

Some accidents can cause tooth loss in patients. The dentists in Birmingham, AL, offer several treatments like dental implants and dentures that help restore the tooth. Implants are titanium rods placed inside the jawbone to replace the root of the tooth. An artificial tooth is placed over the implant to restore the tooth. 

Dentures are a replacement option that stays inside the mouth with the help of suction. It is fabricated to fit each patient's unique dental measurements. 

While visiting the Dentist in Birmingham, AL, you do not have to worry about the dental condition as the dentist draft a detailed treatment plan for the patient and perform it to correct the patient's dental deformities. 

The dentists of Fulton Dental provide the best treatment to patients with the help of modern dental technologies. Call (205) 822-3838 and schedule an appointment with the dentist to know more dental treatments provided at the dental practice.


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